Bought my first car!

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Hearty congratulations brother! Safe driving.

Thank you! :)

wtf is wrong with your hair :S

I grew my hair and straightened it during August. You mimic my parents' reaction when they were at the airport to receive me. :(

Got a mouthful few days back when dad showed mum the first snap. Cutting it this weekend.


Thank you! The detailed ownership thread in T-bhp should be up this weekend. :)

Finally! Been waiting for this thread since Monday! Congrats Gannu! And remember, with great power comes great responsibility!:p Drive safe!:)

Thank you! Indeed I have to be a bit more careful with the extra power under the hood. :p

nice!! but that price for a hatchback makes me :(

Trust me, the engine is alone worth it! When I test drove the Vento TDI, I was completely blown away. I couldn't imagine this engine on a small hatch. OTOH the 1.2 TDI is a bummer of an engine. Unimpressive to drive.

I did not recognise you Gannu in the first pic. Grats on the ride and the new hair :p :D :cool: :happy: :joyful: :woot:

Oh come on now! You did recognise me, don't add fuel to the fire! :p Thank you btw.


Where are the photos of the addons you installed?

Apologies. I must have overlooked this post. I just have the armrest installed as an accessory and the noodle-type floormats you see there. That's about it.

Congrats and drive safe.

Thanks! Point noted. :)
Congrats man, nice ride :)

Thanks Rahul!

Congrats looks good in black.:)

Thanks a lot Arun! :)

Congrats bro! Happy driving! :)

And some awesome photography skillz right there. :p

Oh come on don't embarrass me now! :p Thanks btw.


Oh come on now! You did recognise me, don't add fuel to the fire! :p Thank you btw.

Grow a fro and join the hippie community :p :p BTW once all the "bling bling" has been installed have another photoshoot of the car. Glam pics we want :D
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