Bought New TV : Problem is Music is high voice is low. Is it normal ? Suggest should i go for Sound bar or 5.1/2.1 channel speaker


Hi All,

After 10 years of Service my old Samsung LED TV (32") showing white lines and call it a day. Bought a new Sony 32" KDW830 Model. My mom is only comfortable with 32" and she doesn't want bigger one as it strains her vision.

Anyway TV was great in terms of picture quality but one very annoying thing is with the sound. The dialogue is low but Music is very high and every time to increase volume for dialogues and reduce back when music plays. Unlike my previous Samsung here music is dominating the dialogues.

I had connected a small speaker which is okay but still when I Play anything from YouTube or thru flash drive for movies the background music is unbearable and cant hear any text/dialogues. When i play the same content on my laptop thru headphone i find it balanced but when i play on tv the background music is very high.

Will sound bar or a external speaker is the solution for this problem. What are the suggested sound bar mostly for voice only needs as we are not into music at all.

Budget is 10k max.

TIA for your inputs.
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with audio out, from the set-top box, you can bypass audio directly to any external speaker.

Zebronics is a decent model, for the sound you need to listen to a few models yourself & decide.


Can you post a picture of the Sound settings of your TV?

It is probably just a setting which needs to be changed. TVs do all kinds of processing on both audio and video. While video processing might add to the quality, audio processing on TVs are usually bad. Perhaps playing around with the audio settings might solve the issue, or at least mitigate it to some extent.

Connecting external speakers to the TV will not solve the issue as the speaker is not at fault here, it's the audio processing. So unless you can bypass it somehow (like how @singenaadam suggested), external speaker is not the answer.


Try Auto Volume to ON/OFF and see if it improves
Surround Sound = OFF
If your TV has Equalizer settings, put Treble freq setting to Higher values and Bass to Lower. Bass freq is near 10Hz, Treble freq is near 10Khz
check this video