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Product Name: tDCS Brain Stimulator Device (2mA), Advanced Starter Kit w/ Sponge electrodes
Expected Price: Rs. 900 [Sold]
Shipping charges: Rs. 100
Manufacturer page URL: http://thebrainstimulator.net/product/the-brain-stimulator-advanced-tdcs-kit/
Description if any: I bought this in the US and have personally tried it on myself a few times. Comes with dial to choose current value from .5mA, 1mA, 1.5mA and 2mA. The original kit does not include the 4 extra elastic headbands and two 9V Energizer batteries.
Reason for Sale: No longer needed
Product condition: 9 out of 10 (Sparsely used, comes with all original accessories and extra stuff)
Purchase Date: October 2014
Remaining Warranty period: NIL
Warranty available in: --
Invoice Available: Yes

Shipping from: Chennai
Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer
Preferred courier: Local pick up / Speed post
Payment options: Cash, NEFT

TDCS stands for TransCranial Direct Current Stimulation. It simply means that a very tiny amount of current (max 2mA) is sent across the skull via electrodes placed on the scalp. The idea is to stimulate the brain tissue directly beneath the electrodes. Different electrode placement offers different cognitive effects.

I bought this when I was a student of Neuroscience and doing some research. I was curious about this technology and wanted to personally try it out. I have used it a couple of times on myself. This is a very nascent technology and long-term effects have not been identified by researchers. But a lot of research has been done about this, all of which can be accessed online.

You have to do your own research about these things before you try it on yourself or someone else. A lot can go wrong if you try it on yourself or someone without guidance, prior research, understanding or without following proper protocol.

Personally I wouldn't recommend that you try it unless you have a background in medical research and can comprehend the research literature that is done on TDCS. You need to be able to personally evaluate the risks and benefits and if you decide to go ahead with it you should scrupulously follow protocol as outlined by researchers.

Disclaimer - Risks associated with the use/misuse of this device is borne by the buyer.

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Happened to stumble across this post and just wanted to share that while we don't really advertise this, we will honor a lifetime warranty on any product malfunctions or manufacturing defects (just as long as the device has not been altered/modified). Also, you might consider listing this kit on eBay as well, as I do know a few of our customers have successfully sold their tDCS devices there.

I'm sorry to hear that our product didn't work out for you, but I completely understand that tDCS is not for everyone. However, I would like to thank you for choosing our company and I do hope that you end up selling this to someone who can use it!


JD Leadam
The Brain Stimulator, Inc.


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