FS: Storage Hardware Brand new verbatim 8gb store and go pinstripe usb drive

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For sale !

Up for sale is a brand new verbatim 8gb store and go pinstripe usb drive

  • Product Name: Verbatim 8gb Store and Go Pinstripe Usb drive
  • Expected Price: Rs 250
  • Shipping charges : Free
  • Manufacturer page URL: Please Google . Thanks
  • Description if any: Brand New ! Seal packed. Got it a couple of days back
  • Reason for Sale:Dont need it
  • Product condition:10 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: 23rd August 2012
  • Remaining Warranty period: 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • Warranty available in: India
  • Invoice Available: Yes . will provide original copy to buyer
  • Price comparison : Verbatim 8GB Pinstripe USB Drive (Pen Drive) | eBay

Enter these basic information about yourself

  • Shipping from:Chennai
  • Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer
  • Preferred courier: speed post
  • Payment options: Cash bank transfer
Please don't troll the thread. Take the PM route for any suggestions or feedbacks that you have.



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payment received pratikb

you still haven't sent me your shipping address. i sent you a pm last night confirming payment receipt and asking for your address. you have been online even today but still not replied to my pm

i am beginning to wonder why would you make payment if you don't want the product to be shipped.

Freaky Gannu Mephistopheles

anything i should be concerned about ?


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nothing to be concerned about.
sending PM .

being online is stupid function of tapatalk.
it shows online even if you are not here.

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Address PM'ed

request forum mod's to look into the tapatalk issue.

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@Gannu @Freaky
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