Browser Review

Hi all !
Checking on the best browser. Been using google chrome since years but from past few months feel its going slow on almost all devices. Microsoft Edge seems faster !
Let me know your view.


I've recently switched to Brave browser and I think this is the best one out there. Started out with Chrome when the logo was still 3D, moved to Firefox about 2 years ago but of late a lot of my plugins were having some issue or the other, so decided to go back to Chromium based browser and friends recommended me Brave. Glad I switched over, and can't recommend it enough - privacy focused, fast af, auto ad blocking, relatively lightweight and the best thing of all - access to the chrome webstore!


Cannot think off anything above Firefox... using since 15+yrs and very well versed with everything and my plethora of add-ons/plugins working simply too good!
Just like chrome, at times this one also sucks due to excessive memory utilization with too many tabs but thats just the one downfall I see..
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My job require me to open lots of tabs for researching and use several extensions as well so when it comes to Chromium based browsers then i might have used almost all of them, if not then atleast tried once and left for what so ever reason.
Firefox is my primary browser for personal use and I am not leaving No matter what but off late its been slow and doesn't offer much functionality compared to chromium based browsers

For job purpose Chrome is my secondly browser, I am mainly using Cent for few years now and its good, Also brave as mentioned above does the job. Tested Edge and its fast too but just doesn't give chromium feeling (my personal experience). Lastly SRWare Iron, this is stable browser doesn't gives too much functionality but it does the job without any issue (can be used as secondly browser)
If you want a browser which is very light then go with UR Browser.
I have been using Chrome for years now. Recently shifted to Edge. It was a bit more responsive but I noticed my laptop battery life cut down to half. I checked the task manager and Edge consistently used 30-40% processor even with a single tab on. Switched back to Chrome and never looked back.
I have been using Brave for a couple of years now because out of the box it has a lot of privacy features baked in. On other systems, I prefer using Edge. Haven't installed Chrome on any device for the past couple of years.


Using opera from before the Chinese purchased the company .
Suits me . In built ad block and vpn .
No unnecessary ads at all .
My speed dials passwords etc carry across all my devices .
On android I use Samsung internet on all my phone's including non Samsung.
And install Samsung's ad block plus plugin.
No ads and no tracking . Clean browsing .


I assume this is for PC browsing. I would suggest trying Vivaldi browser. It supports chrome store for addons. I found it faster than FFox. But I still feel FFox is much safer and better because of the addons
I love the new microsoft edge. It is so much lighter than chrome and firefox at least on my system much lesser ram. Inbuilt as blocking. Sync across platforms... Ubuntu version also in beta.. Collections.. Vertical tabs.. Chrome extensions... Microsoft is taking it seriously and adding lots of improvements and features

Perfect for windows and android
Microsoft Edge does seem fast, and is much much better than Internet Explorer.

Firefox is my main browser though since many years now.

I somehow dislike Chrome. It is also sad that so many browsers out there are now based on Chromium, and they are kind of clones. Atleast Firefox has maintained its originality.

Although Firefox does use lot of memory itself, but when more amount of tabs are open, it uses less memory than Chrome I think.

I use Firefox so much, I do not even have a secondary browser.


For desktop/laptop, I use the Chromium build from here. They are stable, receive automatic updates and work great. All add-ons work perfectly. They also host the ungoogled version for the paranoid. For mobile, I use Bromite.


I have been using Firefox for several years as well. Firefox + UBlock Origin is an incredible combination for me. That combined with the built-in strict enhaced tracking protection, DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and Green Tunnel is my current setup to get rid of ads locally. I am looking to switch to pi-hole but in the meantime this works for me


firefox + noscript + ublock origin + cookie autodelete + privacy possum has been my favorite recipe for years now.
chrome for work because google suite. sometimes safari because mac decides to open some links in it.
btw, when home, pi hole blocks some too.
Firefox+ublock origin. Secondary might be Edge when FF throws up some issues, but for me it is good. Been using it since more than 10+ years.
For some reasons, I found chrome to be memory hungry. But on multi-pages FF does a better job.
My use is casual though.
FF for desktop, Vivaldi for android.
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Have moved from chrome to Microsoft edge which was good and it is based on chromium

Recently tried brave who is good as well. No ads in YouTube and lot of ads gets blocked by default


Firefox+uBlock some about:config tweaks like - disabling disk cache and using memory cache only, as I have plenty of RAM available.

Based directly on Chromium releases without Google tracking- Ungoogled Chromium, but it needs some efforts to setup Chrome Web Store, Widewine CDM modules.
Or Brave browser which is a again a good browser.