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Oct 1, 2003
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Putting up for sale plethora of cables. Some are generic, some are OEM. Some are run of the mill, some are exotic. All are in working condition but bit janky due to long storage. All prices mentioned are inclusive of shipping via Speed Post. No warranty on any of the items but will provide personal testing warranty of 7 days.
FCFS basis on PM so contact me there.
  1. CA-157 - Micro USB OTG cable for Nokia phones. Product description link. Price-150/-
  2. CA-156- Mini HDMI to HDMI cable for Nokia phones. Product description link. Price-150/-
  3. CA-42- Data cable for old Nokia phones. Product description link. Price- SOLD
  4. Console Cable- Don't even remember when and from where I got this cable. It's a Digital to Analog cable for consoles. Has jack for XBOX/XBOX360, PS2/PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Output is switchable between Composite video output and Component Video Output. Price-500/-
  5. VGA short cable- short run VGA cable, 1m in length. Price-100/-
  6. Sony Charger- 15W Sony charger. Product description link. Price-SOLD
  7. WiFi antennae- 2 WiFI antennae salvaged off of a TP-Link router. Price- SOLD
  8. TRRS AV cable- gold plated, shielded cable, TRRS composite AV cable. Price- 200/-
  9. VGA cable long- bought from Amazon in 2017, saw light usage. 3m in length.Product link. Price- 200/-
  10. HDMI cable long- bought from Amazon in 2017 but never used, as can be seen from the sealed pack images. 3m in length. Product link. Price- SOLD
  11. Ugreen DAC- bought from Aliexpress in 2019 but never used it. Price-500/-
  12. OnePlus cable- bought from Gaffar in 2019. Doesn't works with my Samsung phone but barring that, works with almost every other device including my Fiio M5. Price-SOLD

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