Camera app for Xperia

Can you recommend a better camera app for Xperia Z5 Premium ? The current app has no tap to focus. I have seen in Xiaomi/Moto that light and focus adjusts itself when we click somewhere on the screen. Currently when I have to click in varying light conditions on a single frame, the auto mode gives only one brightness options ( which it decides automatically ). In most of the cases the selected brightness of the picture is out of my taste or not what the scenary actually is.

Also, I would like to make use of HDR in the photo. Rear camera is 23 MP.
What about HDR ? Also, is it possible to use 4k recording @30 fps ? Thanks. :)

Update :

Works well on light variant conditions and fills light decently when tapped on preview. Auto focus is good. Just that jpeg quality is not allowed at it's fullest for free version.

No 4k recording, but it's fine. Does what I wanted it to do :photogenic:
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Photos recorded using HDR are of poor quality. Not sharp at all. The Play Store link talks about beautification of selfies. I didn't see any though. Is Google camera app available on Play Store ? I thought of trying the " portrait " mode.


On my phone it crashes after taking pic in hdr mode. first time i used it in hdr mode it did not crash. also its behaving weirdly. its giving no option for back flash and option for using front flash when my phone does not have front flash. lol. disabled it after it started crashing.

Google camera only works on nexus and pixel devices. Here's a link if you want to try installing it.

There's Open Camera too on Play Store. It used to crash for me in new versions. The old version never crashed and was excellent. I think whichever camera app uses google camera api, it crashes on the phone.
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It's a ~4 year old Honor Holly 1st version. The only reason its alive now is because of CWM / Lineage OS and it's battery is still working.


Im Special, gREen.
is your phone rooted, then try google camera mod and that the best camera out there compared to any other offerings, period.
Not rooted. I was wondering whether it would be possible to use the focus on the person / portrait mode available in any app. Open Camera has a portrait mode, but it doesn't do any background blur.
Is there any camera app which does that ? The rear camera is awesome with a sony sensor. I hope there will be some app which can utilize it.


Isn't it better to leave the blurring afterwards? If you change your mind you can't undo if you blur from camera and its gets written to memory. If you blur afterwards, you can always undo and redo what area requires focus point. What camera and software do is the same. Both apply software blurring.


How to find out ? Phone model is Xperia Z5 Premium.

In in-room condition, Footej camera works fine. I am having clarity issues with HDR mode in Footej and OpenCamera.

Where can I find it ? Play Store ?
Check the camera 2 API support with Camera2 probe from play store. If it shows full or level_3 support then the Gcam mod should work. You can find the modded Gcam at