Can I use a small cabinet to make my own hdd bay


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I am looking to create a bay for my hard disks. Later I might add a pi to this and create a NAS but for now just looking to use it as a bay/docking station.

The ones from Orico is costing around 16k.

Is it possible to create one of my own cheap? How expensive would cheap be?

I can live with 4 bays and prefer to have 6 maximum (if budget doesn't spike).

Please let me know if you need any other details

PS: I Have a cm 690 ii put up for sale but that would be too large for using as hard disk bay. Right?


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I feel it would be too much hassle for DIY bays even if you end up stripping old cabinets...

Just throw a second hand old Mobo+cpu Ram in your cm 690 and fire up a OS u r comfortable with...that case already has 6 Hdd bays if I am correct...


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It's been over a decade but I had a Lancool cabinet and took out the CD bay and fdd bay to add additonal hdds getting the bay adapters. I've got no idea about requirements for NAS but yeah, obv big compared to a dock.