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Product Name: Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens

Price: Rs 6000 Not negotiable. :(:happy26:

Description: Guess this is one of the most popular ones. :D

Product condition: 10/10, Check the pics for condition.

Reason for Sale: Ms-Informed purchase. Wide angle suits my clicking needs. If I can sell this, will invest in a wide angle one. I can do a exchange also. :D

Purchase Date: May 2012

Invoice Available: From zoominshop from ebay. Will give the bill, I think i got it somewhere. :)

I used up half the zoomin coupons.. So none included in sale. :D

Remaining Warranty period: 2 years from canon in total. so whatever left is there. So no testing warranty or personal warranty from my side.

Shipping - 50~50 with buyer. At buyers risk ofc

Item Location - Mysore KA

Anything else, PM please.

Thanks for reading.



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I am banned from that forum long ago. I told one guy the price was bit too high for a 2 year old 22-250. So.... :( ....


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Its not a pain. :S. Just less avenues to sell this particular item. :). Either way i was just a reader there, i can do that still now. Also i can register again. Did that once also. but couldn't help telling who i was. :(. Banned again. soo.... That is over now. :D.

2 more pics with original bill and through lens pic attached.
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