Car & Bike Car under 7 lakhs with ABS and Airbags

Apparently Honda Jazz is gonna be released in March 2015. Right about the correct time wen I wanna make my car purchase.
Seems like a bang on competitior to I20.If it is priced anywhere around I20, it will make it ot the shortlist definitely I think.
Great Vtec engine, 16 inch tyres, premium trim. I just hope in the price I get 2 airbags and those ultra seats. Honda has to get the pricing right this time. I hope they dont go stupid in the Indian market.

I checked out the thai and malaysian HOnda jazz reviews for 2014-2015. And it fits perfectly for me. I think 7 seater is a stretch for me since i wont have folks all the time with me. Just a comfortable 5 seater should be fine. A hatch back should be perfect for bangalore.


Das Layzeemeister
I just sold my 2000 City 1.3 & am in the same wait & watch phase as you with an almost similar requirement. I was gonna pick up the Ecosport but was not 100% convinced to go for it. The lower spec is prolly just over 7.5L OTR iirc?


YRA won't be under 7 lakhs.. The cost of YRA will be 7 lakh onwards. Base model doesn't usually have all the features..