Android Carrier Aggregation on Airtel on Redmi K20 Pro


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Since the last two months I have noticed that I am not getting Carrier Aggregation on Airtel Postpaid on Band 40 on my Redmi K20 Pro.
Earlier I used to get 40 Mbps and above with CA.
Since August I am not getting CA and speeds seem to be capped at 15 Mbps. I feel Airtel is throttling the speeds on Airtel Postpaid.
Has anyone experienced the same?
Are you guys getting CA and good speeds on Airtel Postpaid?
Also is there any way to lock certain LTE bands via Engineering Mode on K20 Pro like in OnePlus devices without actually rooting the device?
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Though I cannot comment on CA from Airtel, I can definitely say speeds from Airtel has been down in last month for me. It still struggles to this day to give Volte on my phone and even if it comes, it is unstable.
Everything was working good till July, Aug mid.


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Yes definitely the speeds are very much down in post paid connection and also very inconsistent, sometime the speed varies between 30 to 40 Mbps and suddenly drops 5 to 10 Mbps


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Thankfully I don't have any issues with this. I'm not very sure how CA works and I barely use mobile data these days ( may be 5 percent a day) and so far there has been no issues with mobile data.
Can stream Netflix / Prime videos in highest quality without any buffering on LTE. But I am not in India. But both T mobile and Vodafone works perfectly ( mostly on T mobile)