FS: Others Casio G-Shock GW500A-1V Atomic Solar Watch


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This is how you respond to a member who was asking whether do you clean your gadgets or not? Not on daily basis but I think normal human being will keep his gadgets clean like he cleans his body and all other stuff OR at least before posting a sale thread on TE.
Which I did responded but he again came up with " I clean my shoes every day and all" It seemed he just wanted to keep dragging this.

Anyways I have take my words back on " Go clean your shoes now" It was just a moment reaction. Didn't mean that to come out...so sorry about it.
Wow man it was a simple question why are u taking it personal it looked dirty and I simply asked u....
What would have been nice was You could have just pm'ed me and let me know instead of spoiling someones thread. Would have actually appreciated it.
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