FS: Keyboard and Mice Cherry MX red switches x100


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Dec 15, 2022
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No need
Got this out from a TVS keyboard.
No doubt this are cherry reds and hyped so much.
Feel so good...Little bit of lubing is all they need.
Only reason i am abondoning them is i need light passthrough switches and unfortunately this are black base switches.

It took hours to desolder all switches.
Being a night owl and needing backlight in my keybaord i cant have any use for this switches.


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Yeah i have all the keycaps...buy the switches and get keycaps free xD if any potential switch buyer is not interested in keycaps then will give it to you free :D
Just got into this hobby recently and bought one off a TE member. Mine has Cherry MX blues so I won't be replacing them anytime soon. I can pay for shipping if the buyer isn't interested in the old keycaps. Thanks for considering!