FS: Keyboard and Mice Clearance Sale (DAC, Atmos speakers, FireTV4k, Gaming &, Ergo mice & more) + giveaway


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Navi Mumbai
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Jan 1, 2020
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1) Polk OWM3 Atmos/ Surround speakers
Bought for atmos setup, used sometime but later had to relocate. No plans to use it as of now.
Can be used as Atmos or surround speakers or even in a secondary stereo setup.
Versatile mounting options: table, wall, ceiling, corners etc
Asking Price: Rs. 12000 for the pair

2) Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse
16000 DPI 450 True IPS, Customisable RGB, 7 buttons total
Good comfort, grip and accuracy for competitive gaming.
Bought May 2020. I had opened it once for a DIY fix of the scroll wheel axle.
Not to be confused with DeathAdder Essential which is cheaper.
Asking Price: Rs. 2000

3) FireTV 4k
1st Gen Fire TV 4k resolution with HDR.
In perfect working condition with original charger, cable, remote and wifi extender
No box. Asking Price: Rs. 2600

4) Hifime Optical DAC
A highly rated budget DAC. Ideal to use with TV or any other source with digital optical output.
Comes with Sabre ES9018k2m DAC chip and SABRE9601 headphone and line out driver
Note : this is not a USB DAC. ProAudio Review
The sound is too good, I actually wish it is not sold!
Asking Price: Rs. 4000

5) CableCreation USB to 3.5mm Audio Adapter
External USB Stereo Sound Card
Better mic input and audio output quality compared to cheap motherboards
Asking Price: Rs. 450

6) Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse (sold)
Vertical mouse to reduce strain on the wrist/ forearms
2.4G Wireless with LED lights. Right hand only
Highly ergonomic but you need to get used to it.
Slight scratches on surface (caused by cleaning it too hard :( )
Asking Price: Rs. 500

7) FiiO E06 Portable Headphone Amp (sold)
Works very well. Comes with just the charging cable.
It accepts 3.5 mm input and gives amplified 3.5 mm output
Asking Price: Rs. 850

8) SpinFit CP360 Silicone Eartips
It comes in Medium and Small, the one on sale is Medium pair only (never used).
Amazing eartips that's a lot more comfortable than stock eartips
Also better seal for better sound quality.
Please make sure the size is ideal for you and if it fits your TWS. No returns.
Asking Price: Rs. 350

9) Lowepro Adventura 170 DSLR bag
Highly raved. Fits a dslr and two lenses. Has space for tiny items like lens filters, memory cards, chargers etc and even a small water bottle. Adjustable pockets, belt loops.
Asking Price: Rs. 950
Prefer local pickup but can ship

10) Amazon Basics Laptop / Macbook Sleeve
For 13 inch laptops. Hardly used
Asking Price: Rs. 450

11) Cables
BlueRigger HDMI cable 3 feet Rs. 200
Bluerigger Subwoofer / RCA cable 8 feet Rs. 350
Display Port / DP generic cable (Give away)

12) Black & Decker Powered Screw Driver (Give away)
Have opened it once to fix the gears. Works fine.
Will try to include 2 bits if I can find them.
Asking Price: Free. Shipping applicable
Buyer should have atleast 5 feedback points
Edit: Reserved already

Shipping Rs. 100 Flat for all items except Polk speakers at actuals. None of the above in warranty.

Please DM for queries (or price advices), help me to keep the thread clean.


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I live in navi mumbai, i can pickup dp cable, hdmi cable and screw driver if you want :)
either way i was going to buy a dp cable my monitor stock cable is weak.


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Thank you everyone for showing interest.
As of now, Fiio headphone amp, Ergo mouse are sold
Lowepro Bag is reserved
Spinfit and FireTV : @jatintan007 has to revert. @Zino in line for FireTV.
Free items are already taken, sorry!


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Following items still available (price drop)

1) Polk OWM3 Atmos/ Surround speakers
Asking Price: Rs 12000 11200 for the pair

2) Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse
Asking Price: Rs. 2000 1900

3) FireTV 4k
Asking Price: Rs. 2600 2500

4) Hifime Optical DAC
Asking Price: Rs. 4000

5) CableCreation USB to 3.5mm Audio Adapter
Asking Price: Rs. 450 350

10) Amazon Basics Laptop / Macbook Sleeve
Asking Price: Rs. 450 400

11) Cables
BlueRigger HDMI cable 3 feet Rs. 200
Bluerigger Subwoofer / RCA cable 8 feet Rs. 350