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Jan 1, 2020
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Clearance sale

Up for sale are some of the watches belonging to me and my friend. (Given in the order of the picture)

1. Skagen Gitte Analog Gold Dial Women's Watch - SKW2262
Condition: Unused. 9/10
Price: 2000/-
Purchase date: Was gifted 2 years back.

2. Citizen Eco Drive Watch for Men. White Dial. Model number is unknown. Box unavailable.
Condition: Slightly used. But, the leather strap is kind of worn out. 6/10
Price: 2000/-
Purchase date: 2-3 years back.

3. Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Diver Watch for Men, BN0150-28E
Condition: Unused. 10/10
Price: 10000/-
Purchase date: 2019 December

4. Enclave Watch for Men, Pilot 41 (https://enclavemfg.com/collections/watches/products/pilot-41-navy-brown-suede). Box unavailable.
Condition: Unused. 10/10
Price: 3500/-
Purchase date: Was gifted last year.

5. Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Watch - BM8475-26E
Condition: Unused. 10/10
Price: 6000/-
Purchase date: Sometime in 2019.

6. Skagen SKW 6200
Condition: Used for 2/3 times. 9/10.
Price: 3000/-
Purchase date: Was a gift. December 2019.

Please note that full box is available for the four watches, other than the ones mentioned. All units are scratchless. Buyers may please DM me in case they require some specific pictures.
Reason for sale: Clearance.

Please feel free to message me in case of any queries.