CM V8,Sniper;HP All in One;Nokia 5233 Topskin! Halo/StarTrek Novels;BenQ G2420

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Live eviL
comes with LGA 775/1366 and Am3/2+ brackets and fan controller with box
CM Storm Sniper: SOLD!
got it last week from MAV.2000
Reason for sale: My friend backed off and i have stacker
Comes with 1 X200mm +2 X yateloons...1 XTT 120 mm not included as 1 led not working and i want to mod it....i have no time till months end to replace led.

3.HP all in one printer:2k
Not used after the original cartridgegot over, so basically it has seen 50 full page silly prints
Rsason for sale: Dont use it muse apart from occassional scanning

4.Nokia 5233/5230 Topskin!:125Rs

5.Halo: contact harvest:300rs


6.StarTrek novels: SOLD
7.Transcend 4gb pen drive: 200rs
cap is lying somewhere, can pick it up from my place

7.BenQ G2420:TRADED :p !
with Xbox 360 or 22" monitor
1 year old, warranty remainng is 2 years
Reason: Eyeing a 32" TV or 3d monitor
1.No trolling thread.
2.All negotiations, queries, suggestions via PM.
3.All prices exclude shipping. I am not shipping till 21st of this month or 30th.....soonly bangloreans for now

I am from Bangalore and I have a 2 years old 22 inch benq E2200. How much extra I should pay you for the exchange/trqade ? If affordable, I would like to trade it.
Sniper sold.
G2420 deal almost done
V8 on hold for localite krashburn
If he dosent pick up i will ship to the person who Pmed me first.

And please PM me.....twice if i dont reply(i always reply)
Only MFD, halo contact harvest, transcend pen drive, 5233 skin remaining
I havent fount the transcend cap so please excuse me if u had PMEd before
Not open for further replies.