PC Peripherals CM690 Cabinet - HDD Trays gone bad - Where to get replacements ?


Where to get Hard disk tray for CM 690 ?

Dear Sir,

Would you inform me, where I can get the Hard Disk Tray for CM 690 Cabinet,
I managed to crack around 3 of my Trays.


Ye Olde Systems Breaker
I have a approx 4 year old CM690 Cabinet (With side window) bought from one of the TE Dealers.

My problem is that the HDD trays have become very fragile and have started to snap and break up. The plastic cracks on even a little bit of pressure, and the tray snaps apart.

Again, the rubber grommets which are for acoustic isolation/ vibration dampening have also become very hard.

I am not able to find replacement trays online for this cabinet anywhere. Can the CM Rep suggest options or help with the new parts?


Dear Guys,

I will get back to you on this very soon. I need to check whether these trays are available separately. Meanwhile, i would appreciate if you guys could please drop a mail on my official email id. And that would be sanket underscore naik at coolermaster dot com. Please i need this on official mail to take it forward.