Complete kit for making a DIY Projector

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After having exceptional visions of becoming a DIY master, I realized that I'm not cut our for it :ashamed:As a result, my entire DIY projector kit is for sale. You can read more about making a DIY Projector over here Lumenlab -> LLAVS: Lumenlab AVS

All you need is to cut out a wood box that fits the size and buy a tempered glass. Please note that the monitor is a rectangular monitor and not a square one that fits a 15 inch fresnel. So you need to be creative on how you fix this.

The following items are for sale as a package and cannot be sold individually.

Total cost is 5,000/- Rs. I cannot ship this, so only for Bangalore buyers. You have to arrange for pickup as transporting the LCD is a delicate affair.

  • Two 15 inch Fresnels
  • 330 mm Projection Triplet Lens
  • 400w Metal Halide Bulb with stand & Choke
  • 3 Fans with a 12 V DC Adapter and wiring
  • A completely stripped [working] 15.4 inch Benq LCD [I couldn't remove the screws from the FFC strip to the metal plate]




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how big a throw can we expect ?

can you point to a specific thread rather than the whole forum though?
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