Computer Parts Clearance Video/LAN/Sound/Modem/HeatSink/CPU etc

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Product Details. Didnt want to increase post size faltu mein. So have posted the format here which applies to all the following products.
  • Product Name: Old Computer Products
  • Expected Price: As written below
  • Shipping charges: At actuals
  • Manufacturer page URL: NA
  • Description: As written below
  • Reason for Sale: Old stuff lying around.
  • Product condition: Varies, also mentioned
  • [font=arial, sans-serif]Purchase Date: No clue, but definitely not within the last few years[/font]
  • Remaining Warranty period: NONE
  • Warranty available in: NONE
  • Invoice Available: Nope

Video Cards

Geforce 4 MX AGP Works Perfect - Rs 100

Cirrus Logic PCI VGA Card - Works Perfect - Rs 100

SIS PCI VGA Card - Works Perfect - Rs 100

2x6600 PCIE - Parts Missing - Free

ATI Radeon 4870 - Artifacting - Rs 2000

Card was working fine till last week. Started artficating in games. Oh well time for a new one anyway!!!

Sound Cards & Modem

Lancer 5.1 Sound Card - PCI - Rs 200

D-Link Serial Modem - Rs 200 - This is the shit. The fastest modem ever. Literally puts the soft-modems to shame. Like u'll get blazing 7KBps. Hardcore man!!!!

D-Link PCI Modem - Rs 100

Techcom PCI Modem - Rs 50 - No Metal Plate

Frontech TV Tuner - Rs 250

Lan Cards

All these Lan cards work. Dont have drivers etc for em. They all are 10/100Mbits

Each LAN Card - Rs 50.

I have 4 of em. Some even support COAX Networking along with RJ45!!! Imagine the size of you e-penis, when you have these!!!!!


AMD Athlon 3000+ (Socket 939) & Glacial Tech Heatsink - Rs 250 - Works fine AFAIK

My Details
  • Shipping from: Mumbai
  • Shipping to: Local buyer preferred. Shipping only if your buying more than 2 items
  • Preferred courier: Professional. They are next to my office. Least effort.
  • Payment options: Cash, bank transfer

I will be adding more stuff soon, so keep checking.


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geee... i had the same DLink Dial up modem.. you are correct.. i used to get about 7 to 9 KBPS maxed out.. i mean that was really insane.. we used to literally rip the ISP at those speeds.. downloading songs all day.. 15 songs in one day.. man.. what were those times..


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This modem had very good line holding capabilities then. 2nd best only to fourtimes costly US robotics.

BTW back to topic. interested in lan cards and three amd fans.. PM me

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