Connecting PSP to Internet on a BSNL broadband connection



Ive been trying to connect my PSP to the net on BSNL Broadband but have had no success. It keeps throwing up a "Attempt to acquire IP address timed out" error.

Could somebody who has got a PSP working with BSNL help me out. For the IP address settings I've tried both the "Easy" setting and the "Custom" in which I've tried putting in the PPoE id/pwd. But no luck till now.
The modem/router is the standard BSNL one.
@fangface - How do I do that?

@rahul - Will check the DHCP thing, and will let you know the make when I get back (if I can find it, its the standard BSNL marked one. Its not the Huawei one)

BTW I've been able to get a laptop working with the router so dont think there's anything wrong with the connexn itself.
Try turning Settings > Power Save Settings > WLAN Power Save to off

then try connecting . hope this works

(also improve transfer speed b/w pc and psp for media streaming)