Graphic Cards Consumer GPU for AutoCad


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One of my friend need a consumer gpu (for a workstation one may not be affordable i guess)

any consumer gpu or anything under 8k which can help with autocad would do.

primary and sole application is autocad.

rest of the specs would be a quad core, 4GB DDR3 and working on dell 19" LCD.


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Quadro FX380 is good but it may be well somewhere near to 8K ... or else any nvidia card from 4K to 6K may do the job well since openGL comes in picture


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Any Quadro GPU will demolish a GeForce in applications like AutoCAD because they run in windowed mode with multiple menus and stuff rendered on top of the view ports. GeForce only performs in fullscreen applications like games. There are a lot of artificial limitations on the GeForce that make it severely underperform in CAD applications.