FS: Power Cooling and Modding Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500w

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For Sale !
  • Expected Price: Rs 2,000/- 1800 for PSU... shipping charges extra according to buyer's location
  • Time of Purchase: April 2011
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No
  • Reason for Sale: Upgraded.
  • Purchase Invoice Available: No
  • Product Condition: Great 9/10.
  • Accessories Included: Original box.
  • Product Location: New Delhi.
  • Preferred Courier: DTDC
  • Shipping Charges: As per buyer's location extra for upto 1.5/2kg parcel - would prefer local deal
  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer, Gold Coins.


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Buddy not to discourage you but you are quoting too high price for this.

My friend bought same PSU, brand new, about 3 years ago in 3000rs.

Rest is understood, so better to price sensibly.

You can also PM me your best price for local deal.
Yes bro am open to offers...u can pm me ur offer...[DOUBLEPOST=1371705656][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump...pls dont lowball by offering 1000/1200....I am not going to sell so low...
Only pm me for decent offers
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