FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair H100x AIO 240mm liquid cooler


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4 out of 5
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  1. Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
Purchase Date
Feb 1, 2020
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Excluded - at actuals
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  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
2 years approximately
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Reason for Sale
PC disposed off, not being used
Corsair H100x AIO 240mm liquid cooler - Rs.4500 (Shipping at actuals)
  • Bought from SMC Nehru place sometime in early 2020, invoice lost
  • Desktop was being used by mom to check emails and facebook once a week, decided to pass it on to the nephew with the stock wraith heatsink, hence this is extra
  • Comes with 5 year warranty so about 2+ years are left
  • Comes with 2x 120mm fans along with the box and all original accessories
  • I've cleaned the rad and fans
  • I mistakenly cut one of the fan wires when I installing for the first time, I soldered and hot-glued it. It works fine. If you want I am happy to swap with an antec case fan.
  • I'll prefer a local pickup, simply because the buyer can check the item before buying and be fully satisfied with the purchase
  • No lowballing in the thread please! PM me your offers

All photos -
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