Corsair H50,Cooler Master V6 GT, Logitech G15,Patriot 4Gb DDR2 ram, Grand Carrera

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Items on sale-(sry coudnt fit in the Title)

2.Corsair H50 :sold
3.Cooler Master v6gt : sold
4.Patriot DDR2 RAm 4 gb kit : sold
5.Logitech G15: sold

6.ZTE BLADE: 6.6k
7.Palit GTX 260 216 Sonic edition:3.9k


TX 750, AD700+ Fiio E7, Mx518, HDDS, 955 BE will be on sale shortly.
I can trade for PS3,Ebook Reader, Protreks.

1.Please PM if there are any errors/issues etc.
2.Keep this thread clean.
3.Local buyers preferred.
4.Shipping extra.

2.Palit GTX 260 sonic edition:3.9k

Reason for sale:lying idle, got 3 gtx 260s. one fan is missing- it doesn't pose any problems with warranty. Besides I don't have time to replace the fan.
. Comes with bill, box,manual, driver cd, dvi adapter,bill
7.ZTE blade: 6.6k
box,2gb card,stock headphones(hevent opened it yet), manuals etc
There is one scratch on the screen which difficult to make out unless seen @ a particular angle. So its minor. Apart from that no issues or anything. Ignore the fingerprints. its a smudge magnet. Comes with E71 cover.
Reason for sale:Got this from a good friend from UK, wanted to experience android, and it was fun. getting iphone 4. Might swittch back to anroid......its pretty good for browsing, texting.

UPDATE: there has been another minor scratch on panel(not on screen) and 3 black spots(DYe)...

NOTE:please clarify questions before buying. I intend to sell what is mentioned and not what comes in original package/special offers etc etc...If I haven't mentioned it isn't there or at least contact me first


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LOL, What happened to one of ur GPU fan? Doesnt it affect cooling and warranty issue? How much warranty remaining on GPU?


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@OP... I would like to see the H50 in good light...

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Your inbox is full.. I will wait for the pics...


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Replica items aren't allowed for sale on the forums, please remove that to avoid getting this thread deleted.


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UPDATE: Both the coolers almost sold.
Devan232 plz contact me via PM regarding G15. Its on hold for u till 9pm.

Updating TX 750 pics in an hour.
Rest of the stuff still available for sale.
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