Corsair H50,Cooler Master V6 GT, Logitech G15,Patriot 4Gb DDR2 ram, Grand Carrera

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Items on sale-(sry coudnt fit in the Title)

2.Corsair H50 :sold
3.Cooler Master v6gt : sold
4.Patriot DDR2 RAm 4 gb kit : sold
5.Logitech G15: sold

6.ZTE BLADE: 6.6k
7.Palit GTX 260 216 Sonic edition:3.9k


TX 750, AD700+ Fiio E7, Mx518, HDDS, 955 BE will be on sale shortly.
I can trade for PS3,Ebook Reader, Protreks.

1.Please PM if there are any errors/issues etc.
2.Keep this thread clean.
3.Local buyers preferred.
4.Shipping extra.

2.Palit GTX 260 sonic edition:3.9k

Reason for sale:lying idle, got 3 gtx 260s. one fan is missing- it doesn't pose any problems with warranty. Besides I don't have time to replace the fan.
. Comes with bill, box,manual, driver cd, dvi adapter,bill
7.ZTE blade: 6.6k
box,2gb card,stock headphones(hevent opened it yet), manuals etc
There is one scratch on the screen which difficult to make out unless seen @ a particular angle. So its minor. Apart from that no issues or anything. Ignore the fingerprints. its a smudge magnet. Comes with E71 cover.
Reason for sale:Got this from a good friend from UK, wanted to experience android, and it was fun. getting iphone 4. Might swittch back to anroid......its pretty good for browsing, texting.

UPDATE: there has been another minor scratch on panel(not on screen) and 3 black spots(DYe)...

NOTE:please clarify questions before buying. I intend to sell what is mentioned and not what comes in original package/special offers etc etc...If I haven't mentioned it isn't there or at least contact me first
LOL, What happened to one of ur GPU fan? Doesnt it affect cooling and warranty issue? How much warranty remaining on GPU?
@OP... I would like to see the H50 in good light...

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Your inbox is full.. I will wait for the pics...
Replica items aren't allowed for sale on the forums, please remove that to avoid getting this thread deleted.

UPDATE: Both the coolers almost sold.
Devan232 plz contact me via PM regarding G15. Its on hold for u till 9pm.

Updating TX 750 pics in an hour.
Rest of the stuff still available for sale.
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