FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair TX650M Semi Modular 80+ Gold SMPS


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Greater Noida West
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Oct 23, 2017
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Local buyers only
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1 year 5 months
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For sale is my Corsair SMPS that was used by me personally all this time. Recently upgraded to an 850W SMPS so I could make room for a bigger GPU.
It was never RMAed and never developed any error. Cleaned with a blower every few months even though it was not necessary as my cabinet has a mesh at the bottom to keep it away from dust.

The warranty is till 27 October 2024 so approx 1 year 5 months.
To give you an idea how capable this is, I was using a 3900x + Cougar Forza 50 + 3070 TI + x570 board + 2x3.5" drives + 2x2.5" drives + 2 NVME SSDs + 5 cabinet fans.

Let me know if you have any doubts.

Shipping is not possible for this as I am in the midst of a new job and shifting home. Only local deal preferred at t his time. Can hand it over in Delhi metro near Rajiv Chowk or Sikanderpur or CS.

For sale are some routers as well. Take the below 3 routers/EPON in 800 bucks for all.

TP Link TD W8968 ADSL2+ 300 Mbps Modem Router (No cables or adapter). Bought in 2013 or 2014. Lying unused from a long time.
iBall Baton 150 Mbps Router (No cables or adapter). Belongs to a friend. Lying unused from a long time.
Sharp Vision EPON ONU (not XPON or GPON) (No cables or adapter). Lying unused since 2020

AMD FX 8350 stock heatsink CPU cooler. Don't know exact purchase date as I got it with FX 8350 I bought used years ago and sold it as well. This is free. Just pick from my place or somewhere in Delhi met


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