Corsair VX450, Auzentech HDA Xplosion, Hotaudio Mark IV DAC

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Corsair VX 450 ~ 40 days old.

Bought from Itwares for 3900/- purchased 40 days ago.

Warranty: almost 4 years 11 months left

COndition: 10/10

Reason: Upgraded to BZ800. VX450 is at rest(on its box) ever since.

Full box and factory bundles avaliable.

Expected price: Sold

Auzentech HDA Xplosion 7.1 Dolby DTS Connect

Warranty: NIL

Condition: 9/10

This is exactly the same card as the HDA Home Cinema DTS Connect, which is currently being sold for 8k, but has some bundles like optical cable, headers etc. This has 3 additional Op-Amps which is not in a standard package.

Reason: Interested in towards DAC and external AMPS. Might move to a desktop DAC.

3 swappable high performance Op-Amps included.

Original Box, drivers available.


HotAudio Mark IV DAC

Its a Headphone DAC with buffered output which preferably is for high impedance lower sensitivity headphones. Can be really nice for even lower sensitivity HPs using its line out function. It easily matches the Audio performance of my Xonar DX for stereo outputs. SQ almost similar to uDAC on its line out jacks.

Condition: 8/10

Good quality USB cable bundled.

Reason: Already Have FiiO E7 and uDAC and planning on a desktop DAC like maverick D1.

Check out these

Expected Price: 2.5k shipped.

Links: 1

Cost of New: $89 from Hotaudio website + Customs + misc.




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Interested in the soundcard.

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