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Dec 1, 2021
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Selling my collection most of them
Selling some cult classic pc games.

The Lord Of the Rings : Battle for Middle Earth I & II Rs 3000 for both.
(It is rare copy to find one and is very popular cult classic for many even today)

The condition of disc are still pretty good ( please ask for more details ) will come with cd key too. Don’t know if they need internet activation or just cd key is enough. So do your own research. Consider them as collectors item.

Summoner - Rs 300
Indigo Prophecy - 300

They all are kept in pretty good condition but both these games don’t have cd key . So don’t remember if they came with cd key or they work normally without the key.

Just consider buying these as collector only as I cannot guarantee if they will work or not but I can say that cds are in pretty good condition for all all of them and have been kept well.

If need more info contact.

Buy all for 3200 including shipping otherwise shipping extra Rs 100 each for each game.

Will pack it properly but complete buyers risk.
Please be patient. Shipping and pick up is little slow at times.


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PSA: The discs for both the first and second installments of The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth are protected using SafeDisc. For Indigo Prophecy, the protection scheme is SecuROM (Tages is used on the uncensored EU version known as "Fahrenheit").

All of the aforementioned DRMs are not supported by modern Windows versions, which means you will eventually need a cracked binary to play them. As mentioned by @solo_wing, consider the discs as collectibles only.