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Currently Listening- RULES REVISED

Hi all,

This is the thread where u all post which is the current song you are listening to.
You may post as many times as i want.

But, no two consecutive posts can be from the same person.

Here is what i am listening to
Mortal Kombat-Reptile Theme

Edit: As per requests from some members, and considering the spam being generated and off topic stuff being posted, it has been decided to edit the rules of this Thread.

  • A member may post here as many times as he/she wants.
  • A member cannot post two or more consecutive posts here. (Even if this thread is inactive for more than a month)
  • A member CANNOT REPEAT song names.
  • A post must contain the song you are listening to.
  • A member cannot post "Silence" or "Mobile Phone Ringing" or "Still Listening to the previous song" or "My mom shouting" or "Closed so and so player" or " windows sound" or "nothing" etc. Such posts will be considered as spam from 1300 Hrs on 21st April 2004.
  • A member cannot post in this thread within an Hour of his/her previous post.
These rules are being edited to prevent spam in this thread.

Thank you for cooperating.