Custom Chip For PS3 JB

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thnks dhruv , if you have an image in iso format lets say then there is a tool that i mentioned that can rip the contents onto any desired folder onto the external hdd ,, Rest i have downloaded 2 torrents and both are not working , i dont think there is any bug in that ,, one more question i havent been able to run a game without a blueray disk inside the ps3 , could you help me with this.

not all games are supported for discless, as for iso format just use winRar or 7zip a separate tool for that makes it sound complicated, as for your eboot error i guess its a faulty rip or something is missing in the folder, happens to me sometimes on Gaia manager v1.01 either screen goes black or i get eboot error but works perfectly fine on OM v1.17 except for time crisis even if i edit param.sfo i get error
If its in ISO format..then just mount it and copy the contents.

As for the eboot.bin error,I think what u have downloaded is not a PSJ rip.Its a dump of the BluRay.That means the eboot.bin is not decrypted.So now you just have to download the decrypted eboot.bin for the respective games.

To run backups without Disc try Hermes Payload and Gaia or Open Manager
@gani.slimshady : Thanks for the reply mate its making a lot of sense , Culd you please tell me from where could i get the decrypted eboot.bin for virtual fighter and burnout paradise ... great if you could email me ,, rest i tried hermes payload hex file it worked along with gaia but couldnt get the game running without the blueray inside ,,with blueray it worked ,,thanks
@Gannu : I guess so... waiting for it to arrive. @dinjo : 3rd batch will be much quicker , i promise but could cost more... i might be going the ebay route for the 3rd batch.
The new PL3 payload is out now. I'm thinking of shifting from Hermes V4b to it. Apparently, it allows you to play MOH without any need for an update. I'll probably combine that with Gaia's recent V1.02 RC3 support.
Hey i thought you are taking order for batch 3 didn't even realise the orders have already being processed.
^^ this is the 2nd batch i'm talking about

2ndly... i'm heading out of Delhi for a few days. Family crisis ... will update via cellphone as i get updates about the chip. Don't panic if i dont reply :p
@Dhruv: :O I hope it is not too serious bro. Lemme know if i can help in aneeway....

@Ethan_Hunt: Hermes v4b also does the same thing. I ran MOH without any updates using Gaia Manager v1.02. It automatically patches the param.sfo file to 3.41 and the gam ran. Although make sure you start the game from the xmb with a bluray game in the drive. The actual game is only around 5 gigs and works from an external hdd. Just don't copy the Ps3_content folder and you are good to go :D
I didn't really want to try MOH on the PS3. All my multi-platform titles go directly on the PC for the best visual quality. :p
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