D-Link DSL 2750U : USB storage, how ?


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How does one use the USB storage feature of the DSL 2750 U ?

Modem Name : DSL-2750U
Serial Number :
Time and Date : 2012-05-23 00:05:20
HardwareVersion : U1
Firmware Version : IN_1.08

If using a USB flash drive ("thumb drive") does it have to be NTFS formatted ?
I don't see any USB options in settings -> advanced of the 2750U.


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Connect your thumb drive to the router and access it on your PC via the run command \\
The USB port on the router is a 2.0 port so speeds may depend upon that as well.

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How do you want to access it? You can do it via ftp (ip address of the router) or Samba (via the command posted above)
Just go to advanced -> samba and enable it. Enable anon access to first see if its working and then put in a password if you feel necessary.