Dedicated section for dealers and resellers


Hey, Thank you for this topic starter & guidance.

A few questions....

1. How to Flip exclusive items that I pick at a good discount, [to sell at a higher price] & I am leaving them all packed as I received.
2. Anything else on these lines as I am totally new to this & will have a lot of blindspots.

EDIT: I just went through account upgrades in the interest of becoming a reseller.

3. Is there any requirement of any license for conducting business? will it need a GST#?
4. The becoming of a reseller with the upgrade, will it also dodge ads?
5. what are the other benefits of getting a reseller tag?
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Thank you for moving this mods.

Would anyone please get around to my reseller tag upgrade question?

Also I thank the mods in advance for merging it by design or manually doing it with my previous post!