Dell SP2208WFP LCD, 17 inches CRT, PS3 games, etc. (Big price drop)

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Hello every one. Below are the items i am selling. Prefer local buyers for monitors.

(1) ATI card 4870 dual sonic edition 1gb Palit - [strike]8500rs[/strike] 8000/-
with bill and warranty. (brand new card back from RMA, unused)

Sold to thunder.dragon for 7.5K

2) Dell LCD SP2208WFP - [strike]10500rs[/strike] [strike]10000rs[/strike] 9500/-
silver colour panel with hdmi
purchased on 28th june 2008 frm chennai) with 5 years warranty.
Very good condition, sparingly used, more than 3 years warranty left

3) LG 17" CRT monitor (model 700E) = 1600rs

4) Creative SBS A300 - 1000rs
(2.1 speakers with, bill and warranty,, Purchase date=1/10/2008)

(5) PS3 games
Fight Night Round - 4 1800rs
Prototype - 1800rs
Resistance 1 - 1200rs

6) Xbox 360 Monster Game component+optical cable - 4500rs
24K gold-plated, box packed, never opened

PM me :hap2:


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zapak said:
plz all other guys help me in that 3 way crossfire issue.. m i able to run it or not??

Not a good idea since tri-fire isn't a mature tech yet. Crossfire is a good idea with 2 present gen identical cards but with a dual GPU setup already, another card, be it a 4870 or a 4870X2 wont do any good. In rare cases, games would perform even worse than they'd in the absence of the second card.


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Bump for the stuff.
Local buyers will be given preference.
I am not in town and my cellphone won't be reachable.
So please leave me a PM and i will get back to you'll when i am back in Mumbai.
You may also drop a CC to BIKeINSTEIN as i may leave some stuff with him for pickup by confirmed buyers.
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