Dell Studio XPS 13"

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For sale is a ~2yr old Dell Studio XPS 13" Laptop belonging to a friend .

Config :

1)Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4ghz

2)2GB DDR3 RAM - (Had 4GB RAM initially but one of the RAM slot as well as the RAM stick is busted )

*Ram can be upgraded to 4GB for 2k extra *
3)nVidia 9500M hybrid GPU

4) 500GB HDD

7)Slot load DVD read write

6)Backlit Keyboard

7)Card reader

9)HDMI out

9)eSATA port

10)5.1 speaker support (3 audio jacks)

11)built in webcam

Physical Condition : 8/10 . Never dropped.Proper care taken . Normal usage marks exist .Like slight trace of keyboard area on screen etc.No major dents or scratches.1 of the RAM slot doesn't work.

Warranty : None left. Will provide 7 days personal testing warranty.

Reason for Sale : Bought a Macbook Pro .

Other remarks : Laptop has an external battery meter.Battery still retains 2.5-3hrs of charge.

There are some stickers on the front panel but the friend hasn't removed them cause some of them are very expensive and of hi-quality .If buyer wishes , all of them will be removed.

Expected Price : 20,750 for local buyers. *Shipping at actuals*

*Ram can be upgraded to 4GB for 2k extra *

*Product can be listed on Ebay for if anyone wants to buy using credit-card/emi

No low-balling. If you are interested in the laptop and feel the price is on the higher side , just PM me with your reason and I will do the needful .Any queries / questions via PM :).

Images :










Buddy i am interested in the lappy but i have some questions:

1) Is there no HDD along with the laptop and if it is then wats the capacity.
2) The RAM slot that you have mentioned is it that the memory module has gone bad or the slot on the motherboard.

Please let me know these two things.
Sorry forgot to add the HDD details above. The drive capacity is 500GB .

2)Regarding the RAM slot ,I am not 100% sure what exactly is busted hence for now I have mentioned as both the RAM stick and Slot as non-working . Will check it completely once and update the same in thread.
Bump ! Bump ! Price slightly negotiable for seriously interested members :p

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dOm1naTOr said:
Hide the Windows product key and dell service tag on the pic. it can be misused by others.

Thanks .Removed it .
dOm1naTOr said:
Hide the Windows product key and dell service tag on the pic. it can be misused by others.
dell service tag can not be miss used and product key has to be linked with dell product bios so that too can not be miss used as thats the OEM key which can not be used by any other laptop as binded with BIOS
^ Inbox cleared .

Adding the ebay offer to the deal.

*Product can be listed on Ebay for same price if anyone is interested in getting a free 640GB Laptop HDD :D.*
Faheem...the 640Gb hdd offer is applicable for purchases over 25k. I think for 23k we get a 320GB hdd unless i am missing something here.

Free Bump for u
^ I chose to ignore your PM and your ridiculously low offer :) . The price is good for what the laptop offers ,especially being a 13" portable with pretty good power.

anyways I already have a local TE guy interested who might pick this up in 1-2 days .

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Sold locally to Sourabh on TE :)
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