FS: Monitor and LCD Dell UltraSharp U2312HM monitor [1200/-]


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Mar 1, 2012
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1. Selling my old faithful UltraSharp 23" monitor.
2. Was used primarily for gaming and then some time for work.
3. Original developed problems so Dell replaced it with a brand new in 2014.
4. Current one has developed red moire on the right half of the part. It is likely a result of faulty component, should be repairable (or usable as a secondary monitor or even for surveillance systems)
5. Will prefer local buyers. It is heavy and I don't have packing.
6. Comes with a power cable and HDMI -> DVI-D cable (not part of standard package).
7. Panel total power on time is 5386 hours.




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Some(most) monitors have inbuilt menu item. On my LG 4K monitor, it is broken. It even counts the number of hours it is in standby. According to the monitor info, my monitor has been on for 6000 hours in less than 9 months.
my dell doesnt have it in, but thx.


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@vink what you see in the last photo is the Dell service menu, which activates after a sequence of button presses. For my model it was

1. Power off the monitor
2. Hold button 1 (from top) + button 2 and press power button
3. Release all buttons as soon as monitor powers on.
4. Press button 1 in next 5 seconds.
Thanks @The_Falcon ! I have tried all inputs with new cables, but that did not help. :(