FS: Laptop DELL Vostro V5460 Ultrabook

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3rd Gen i5-3230M (Ivy Bridge)
Model Inspiron V5460-W560303TH Silver
Graphics Nvidia GeForce GT 630M 2GB DDR3
Display Screen 14.0 inch Wide Display HD (1366 × 768) w/anti-glare
Main Memory 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM AT 1600MHz-1X4GB
Hard Drive 500GB 5400RPM SATA HDD Drive
Optical Disk Drive No DVD
Web Camera Integrated HD Camera
Audio Realtek High Definition Audio
Network 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless - (Upgraded to 7260N) with Bluetooth 4.0
HDMI Port 1 Port
USB2 Port 2 Port (Left Panel) , 1 Port (Right Panel)
CardReader 1 Slot
Headphone-Out Jack 1 Port
Battery 3-cell Battery
Weight 1.54 kg.
Power Adapter 65W Power Adapter

dont use this anymore, its fully function and offers round 3 to 3 1/2hrs battery life ..
condition is damn good, no dents or dings anywhere.. just mild use age marks from 1yr use.
warranty expired in june this yr but i had got this in september (have invoice aswell)
have original box + power charger + laptop.
will do a clean win8 install with drivers before shipping.
all price negotiations via pm only - dont spam the thread guys..








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Buyers beware.

Promised item to me. Did not wait for payment. Sold it locally. Did not communicate his urgency, no message, no call no information. Completely unprofessional and unreliable. I consider this phase of transaction also to be a transaction not only after the funds are paid. Zero Courtesy to inform of change in plans.

Toxicdrift seems like a good person, no complaint there. But he went ahead and sold the item locally after having promised it to me. I had been traveling for couple of days. Did not even inform me. Then I get a message saying he sold it.
i held the item for a entire week without any payment.. i asked enigma how long he will take he said by saturday.. max monday ... i had a buyer ready who was buying two items from me, paying me upfront and full price.. i dont know where i am wrong here... u cant expect me to hold on and risk shipping the items and loose money in the process.. i am just being honest here.. local buyers are always given first preference .. i did hold on for a full week for payment when none was made and i had a ready buyer.. i took the call.. u gave me a negative rating when i didn't even take 1rs from you.. yes i committed and held on to that commitment for a full week.. i think the seller has the full right to take the call.. if i did accept payment from you then i would be in the wrong and would gladly accept your rating .. but i dont right now.. im not gonna post anymore msgs on this.. as it always ends up becoming a picky topic.. too bad we couldnt work it out.. im sorry about the deal.. i had my reasons and i stand by my decision.[DOUBLEPOST=1414818645][/DOUBLEPOST]laptop sold - mods please close the thread -
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I'm sorry toxicdrift. Do not cover up your mistakes. Own up to it instead.

Monday morning: You sent me the account details for transfer and wrote on the forum that it is on hold for me.
Friday : you've sold the laptop.
No you did NOT hold it for a week. what's the point in lying?

Monday: I inform you 'I'm going on a trip for 3 days. One week time? ( to make the payment). Do not sell it to anybody else. '

Wednesday you sent me a message: "Sorry bro was busy.. and yes u can arrange for the cash . Not selling it to anybody. "

Friday afternoon you send me a message: : "Sold my laptop locally to a Mumbai buyer.. Saved from shipping n all he got both my phone and laptop so was just easier.. Sorry couldn't hold longer as I needed the money.. Really sorry"

Please do not change the facts. Please be ethical in your future transactions. Reviews are intended to help other forum members decide what to expect in transactions with a seller/ buyer. It has not only got to do with payments, but with people keeping their word.

What I do not understand is, why did you not communicate to me that you would not like to ship?
On Saturday last, you checked with fedex and I even agreed to pay you 1000 Rs shipping for Fedex Overnight Priority.

You said: Can you split the overnight priority shipping with me. Then I'll ship via the air option u should have it next day itself, plus it has full tracking. If you agree will do a backup n format of the machine n ship it tomorrow itself. Otherwise will do land shipping which will be slower."

My response: Sure, take the best shipping options. I'll be happy to pay you an extra 1000 for shipping. "

So how am I supposed to understand that you will suddenly turn around and sell it locally and that you do not like to ship?

What kind of absurd behaviour is this?

If you were in such a rush and did not ship, I would have asked one of my friends in Mumbai to pick it up on my behalf.
But putting on hold for someone then selling it to another person is very poor ethics and unacceptable. Furthermore blaming the buyer for not transacting the money, after not having given them a chance to transfer. Please do not bullsh!t the prospective buyers.

My aim is to have clear communication and to meet your needs as well as mine harmoniously. I'm sorry but the above behaviour does deserve a negative review and therefore I have left one.

If your wish to transfer money on thursday were imperative, (there were no messages or communication from you at all!) then I would have arranged for a transfer or local pickup. But saying one thing and doing something else is just not acceptable and no one, will entertain such tomfoolery. It is not about the laptop, it is about keeping your word.

Everyone makes mistakes, but please do not be childish and blame others for it. If you have wronged someone, own up and apologize. I have no intention of wasting my time in tainting your seller feedback rating. But I cannot tolerate unprofessional uncourteous behaviour.

Not only does this behaviour result in an unproductive and a wasteful experience, but you also lose a friend and your own self-respect!

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u totally missed the post where u wanted to buy it on EMI !!!!!
10-10 - 6 and so on.. listen dude.. i don't want to get into the details... i was not going to sell my laptop on emi's ..i told u that clearly... u said im arranging for cash and that it will take till monday ... i already lost one buyer cuz i was waiting for u to transfer ... mahivs was ready to transfer money Wednesday night.. but i didn't sell it to him... by friday i had another buyer who was from the same city as me..with ready cash.. why the hell wont i sell it to him... this can go on and on and on...

im gonna ask the mods to close this thread as deal is done.. payments have been made.. no way to revert this back.. . u couldn't arrange for the cash.. i sold the laptop. deal with it and buy something else.
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