FS: Desktops Desktop Components (2 x 32 GB DDR4 3200MHz, Nvidia Quadro T1000 8 GB)


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Nvidia Quadro T1000 8GB DDR6 : Rs.18000/-

Bought in Feb 22. Used sparingly as a backup GPU. Comes with bill, original box and all accessories.

Deepcool Gammax L240 ARGB 240mm AIO : Rs. 4500/-

Purchased in Jan 23 for a project which did not complete. Not used much. Comes with bill, original box and all accessories.

ASUS Prime Z790M-PLUS D4 CSM LGA1700 DDR4 Micro ATX board : Rs. 18000/-

Purchased in Dec 22. All accessories, box and invoice available. One of the M2 screw sockets came loose (RED arrow in one of the images). I fixed it back with superglue. As long as you are gentle while attaching the M2 SSD, it should be fine. The following are extra additions given away for free (not for sale separately) -

1. Intel AC3165 Dual Band Card + Antennae + Cables
2. Asus TPM2 Module (RED arrow in one of the images)

32 GB Patriot 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Module (2 nos) : Rs. 4000/- each

Bought from Amazon at various points in time. Invoices available.

Intel Core i3 12100F : Rs. 6000/-

Sealed pack. Invoice available.

  1. Board + 2 RAM modules : Rs.25000/-
  2. Board + CPU + 2 RAM modules : Rs.30000/-
  3. All items in the listing : Rs.50000/-
  1. POSTS : Please keep the thread clean and seek information / contact via PM only. Please do your own research on specifications and compatibility. If you are an interested buyer and need any other information on any item or additional photographs, please PM. Irrelevant posts will be reported based on the rules of the Marketplace.
  2. SHIPPING : Local buyers are always preferred. I would request the buyer to pay and arrange for the pickup. If you want me to ship, it will be extra and at actuals. I will be using whatever shipping options are available at my location and I will not be able to cater to a specific courier preference. I will not be responsible for any delays in pickup and/or transit (those seem a norm these days). I would strongly recommend insuring the package but it will need to be borne by the buyer. I will ensure that the packing is as secure as possible. However I will NOT be taking any responsibility of any damage / missing items incurred DURING shipping (once the pickup is done, it becomes the buyer's responsibility).
  3. SALE PRIORITY : Sale will be on first come first serve basis, no holding business. DMs will be replied in the order received.
  4. WARRANTY : Warranty will be based on product purchase date (as seen in Invoice) and the product's warranty terms. Please do your own research. If no product OEM warranty is applicable, then Couple of days DOA warranty (transit damage is not covered) will apply.


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Paid for 2x 32gb ddr4 sticks, will arrange for pickup.

Edit: Received the sticks in perfect condition with original packaging.
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