Dilemma, should i change my current modem or is this an issue with BSNL broadband.


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Hi Team,

Currently i am using BSNL broadband from 2005. Recently i changed the BB plan to BB1475 (which is 4MBps upto 20GB later on 512kBps) from BB1100 (which was 2MBps upto 19GB later on 128kBps).
But i am not seeing any difference in speed from previous plan. One of my colleague who stays in another location of Bangalore has the same plan and he said he is getting constant 512KBps without any hassles.

The modem is a single LAN port modem (Hauewi SmartAX MT882), and am using the DLink DIR-300 router.

Now my dilemma is, should i change the modem (is it too old to handle the current broadband speed requirements) or is this an issue with BSNL.

Following is the screenshot of the Modem which has the PPPoE data.


If i have to change the modem, which one is the better option. It will be good if it has a USB port so that i can connect my Harddrive in my local network and stream/share data locally. My budget is INR 2000. Is this TP Link modem TP-Link TD-W8968 Wireless ADSL2+ Router good enough. http://www.amazon.in/TP-Link-TD-W89...1418215413&sr=8-4&keywords=TP+LInk+ADSL+modem

Suggest me any other better ADSL modems in the same price range.

Thanks in Advance,


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Having an issue with my BSNL broadband at home. Will be going ahead with the same TP Link modem that you have mentioned in your post above.


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Guys, it looks like my old Modem was the reason for slowness. Brought the TP-Link TD-W8968 Wireless ADSL2+ Router and now i can see the speed increase.