Audio DJ headphone


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What's a DJ headphone? How is it different from the others?
Can it be used for music listening with portable players?


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DJ headphones are like studio headphones but has more sound power !

just read Pioneer Dj headphone comments:- (for ref)

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Description:

Pioneer HDJ1000 DJ Headphones

In keeping with their legacy of bringing high-end quality products to market, Pioneer has done it again with another release - the new HDJ-1000 headphones. While primarily targeted towards the Professional DJ, these stunning headphones will appeal to all serious music consumers. Whether you are a DJ, Studio Musician, Sound Engineer or just an avid listener of music, the HDJ-1000 is the answer to all your headphone needs.

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Features:

Public opinion matters when Pioneer engineers it's PRO DJ products and the company has gone beyond the call of duty with the new HDJ-1000 - designing a product that meets the requests of all users. And the striking appearance only hints at what these headphones can do.
Pioneer has defined a new standard in distortion-free sound quality, featuring 3,500 mW of maximum input allowing high sound volume with best possible clarity as the ear pad fully encompasses each ear, fulfilling the demands of those serious about their music.
And comfort? Both ear pads have a swivel mechanism allowing the ultra-light HDJ-1000 to be manipulated to any desired position, while plush padding makes it possible for music professionals to wear the headphones for hours of listening pleasure.
Durability is the most important aspect of a high quality pair of headphones - will they stand the test of time? Yes, thanks to the compact folding design, ear pads made of a tear resistant material and special screws that hold the cord in place, making it simple to replace the cord should the need arise. Additionally, a black vinyl-carrying pouch is supplied to keep these prized headphones looking like new.
With all these features enhancing a product that both looks and sounds great, the HDJ-1000 is undoubtedly set to create a new standard in headphones.

Sennheiser,Pioneer,Denon,AKG DJ gears are most popular.Also from skulcandy,Technics,Sony,JVC,....& so on

for any more details plz free to post here....