Do you also feel that Michael Jackson's Invincible is hugely underrated album?


First up, this is about MJ the musician, and certainly not about the alleged pedophile.

I have been a fan of MJs work , and tbh I feel the rhythm , choice of instrument and the overall feel of his music is just awesome.

I remember buying a pirated CD of invincible from palika bazaar back in the day when it was released.

It's still is my favourite album , even after so many years , artists can't match the rhythm of mj, so damn groovey they are , the choice of instruments is just too good.

Although blood on the dance floor consists of remixes of CD 2 of history , but boy what remixes they are.

If you havrtnt given much thought and wish to listen to MJ then you may start straight from
History cd1 and cd2
Blood in the dance floor

Loosely covers the best ones ...