Do you believe in God?

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Please don't go into the religion thing..just try to answer the simple question.
Do you believe in God? It can be Yes/ Now/ I don't know.
For me, YES, I believe in God...I've not seen him, but I've felt the presence multiple times. Nothing supernatural etc. I'm a sinner ( one of the worst) but I've felt his presence.
Think hard, may be you did too.


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See as for most of the commons mans mentality this is how it goes...
If anything wrong happens or things aren't going your way, blame your stars/luck and god.
The moment everything positive happens, thank your stars/luck and god..
When you are pissed off, you blame everything around and go into negativity, but come a positive ray of hope, same things start appearing positive..

Yes this is me as well.. honestly!
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No. I've never seen God or any supernatural thing. I've seen people talk one week before their death that they were going to die soon. Maybe they saw something. But being close to them, I never saw anything. Maybe it was coincidence. I'll never pray or believe in God or any supernatural thing. People still think in weird because I don't do such things they do. But all of that feels like a lie to me. Made to make people forget about their daily struggles. Their daily sorrows. God is like a scapegoat for all the good and bad happening in the world that others do. God was probably an idea of an evil ruling party who wanted to blame something or someone for their evil deeds. It was such a good idea that the plebs bought into it completely.

red dragon

As men of science most of us ( if not all ) know how were we happened by chance ( and in viro technologies can eliminate that chance factor almost we human know how to create a life)
And what's the most assured thing in life? you agree or not?
I'm fully aware of the fact that science can very well predict death for an individual and pretty much everyone knows how to die.
Life and death can be explained very easily without God..not going to the debate of the first's a silly one and nothing really comes out of it.
Life and death theory don't really establish the existence of God. But what does? What do you belivers think?
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red dragon

Perhaps yes, but it largely depends on what you define as a 'God'
Why don't you tell us your definition of God/ higher power or whatever.
there is no God. the universe is based on randomness
Not asking about universe mate...your personal belief..
Those who don't believe in you guys believe in fate?
Does anyone believe that this Corona pandemic is a manifestation of mother nature's fury?
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I don't try to define it but the way I see it, there's probably more to our consciousness. You see a lot of things happening around you that seem so neatly arranged that it feels like there's more to it, like there's something driving that change. Look at our body, each organ for a specific function, it reacts to things on its own without our conscious control (things like immunity, healing from injury etc.

Multiple points in life, a sequence of seemingly random things happen so perfectly in sequence to screw you over or produce something good. It doesn't happen often but when it does, it really makes you think how the heck did that happen.

You know how in evolution, there'd be mutations every generation and natural selection favours the 'designs' that work best. It's seemingly random, but it feels so similar to product design. There would be many prototypes but the market forces among other things favour one design over the other, and you can see designs evolve over time based on what works out best for the company. This is so similar that it makes me think what's prototyping nature. It just seems like intelligent design to me.

Long story short, I think there are many layers of consciousness that runs across the universe influencing things. We're a part of it and perhaps each person/creature is a focal point where it peaks. This is how I see it. Is this god? I don't know

Religion tries to simplify it into a person. Atheism tries to ignore it altogether.

Belief in god helps at times, like when you feel helpless an alone. It gives the illusion of security and some comfort. I strongly suspect that the concept of heaven and hell came about as a brilliant idea to nudge people in a certain direction. I mean, claiming that death in battle will bring honour to your ancestors in valhalla is gonna be a lot more motivating that saying that they're being sent into a killing field to die.


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^^ Sorry, I can't read Hindi..was it Aham Brahma?
Yes. Aham Brahma. Rather than Aham Brahmasmi.

Scriptures are open to interpretarion. None of them actually talk about god. Aham Brahmasmi simply means, I belong to the clan of Brahmins/Brahmas.

The variation Aham Brahma translates to Aham (ego/self) Brahma (creator). It means I am my own creator.

Not in the freudian sense, but in the sense that you make or break your own life all things conssidered. If you need something, there is only one person who can truly give it to you.

If you want someone no never leave you, there is only one person.
If you want to trust someone complletely there is only one person.

There is only one person who can truly understand and feel as you do.

That person is the entire world. If that person stops existing, the world stops existing.

The person is you.

You are the creator.

That is my philosophy.
Does anyone believe that this Corona pandemic is a manifestation of mother nature's fury?

Like @Ebil I think it is all random. If mamma nature was furious, we would have had a whole other specific extinction event. And we wouldn't have woken up at all.

So, I guess it is just a toss of a coin. Someone decided to mess with the wrong bat (raw, and unsanitised).
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