"Do you have XYZ Credit Card?" Thread

This isn't exactly related to xyz cards, but can anyone with prime subscription help me buy an item, on which I otherwise would have to pay delivery charge?
~~~Need onecard for payment of 7k - 12% = ₹6160 on Myntra. Also possible with Myntra Kotak credit card.~~~

~~~Both are instant discount, let me know if you can help~~~

Edit: Bought
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Anyone has Federal Bank Credit Card (starting with 536881, 555598, 540564, 451458, 468798, 467741, 356138)?


Federal Bank Debit Card (starting with 404834, 450478, 457474, 461134, 468756, 484762, 484763, 515630, 532711, 555942, 555915, 607165, 607322, 652181, 453795, 469353)?

Please send me a PM, I need it for a 5K transaction.

* Federal Bank CC/DC issued by others such as OneCard, etc. not working.
Thanks to @veera_champ @solo_wing @samiryadav for offering to help.

But apparently this -
The discount will be applied to the Net Cart Value (“NCV”). NCV shall mean the total value of only the eligible product/s in the cart after all applicable discounts and exchange offer redemption
means the bank offer can't be applied with exchange offer. So, didn't proceed with the purchase.

Thanks anyways guys and sorry for the trouble. Thought this means it can be applied.