All OS Do you still root your phone?

Do you still root your phone?

  • Yes

    Votes: 10 27.0%
  • No

    Votes: 26 70.3%
  • Maybe in future

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Looks like Google is going towards locking down Android and we all know that phone manufacturers are making it harder and harder to root phones and unlock the bootloader.

Related to poll questions and their answers.

If you said Yes,
So is there anyone even now who will go to the trouble of rooting their phones, say in next few years when it becomes even more harder than it is now?

If you said No,
Was it because it was too much trouble or just lost interest or any other reason like not worth the trouble etc?

If you said Maybe in future,
How long into the future and why are you still holding off?

My answer is No, because I have a Redmi Note 5 and the wait period of a few weeks to months was too much for me. Plus their software to unlock root only works in windows. I felt it was too unfriendly so I just abandoned all plans for rooting. I wanted to root it for GCam and activate camera2api. I don't feel any need now to root since I think the Android OS has matured a lot now and lot of things we got through rooting is available without rooting. Example, when I rooted my Honor device, I wanted the latest OS and updates on it plus other stuff like custom icons in notification and status bar. Now I get all those custom icon things in Themes in MIUI. No security updates though from months. Plus the OS's have some drawback or another like something is not working properly. As I got older, all the love of tinkering and throwing caution to the winds has gone away now. I thinks its a part of getting old. :(

Marcus Fenix

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As I got older, all the love of tinkering and throwing caution to the winds has gone away now. I thinks its a part of getting old. :(

Same here. I used to root to get rid of bloatware on Samsung Galaxy phones and install leaner ROMs but after my Galaxy S7 I stopped rooting as the hardware got powerful enough to be snappy in daily usage.

I had since then moved on to a Galaxy S9 and recently to a OnePlus 7T Pro and the downsides to rooting have exceeded the upsides for me personally.

But one awesome thing I still miss is Titanium Backup Pro. It would be so easy to create a local image of my phone as-is for recovery ala Windows Image Backup.


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No .
Mi max 2
Mi 5
Nokia 6.1
Samsung S4
Samsung S5
Samsung Note 5
Samsung S9+

After installing official lineage os for mi mi5 found the jio LTE network highly unstable . Mi 5 has a good audio dac so on miui excellent audio output via headphones .. not so on lineage .

On mi max 2 they could not get official lineage os and had audio (earpiece) problems on all other roms . So preferred miui .

On miui to avoid ads I changed location to uk instead of India on first install . Most bloatware gone automatically .

Nokia 6.1 stock android no rooting needed .

Samsung S4 rooted and installed lineageos (that rom has stopped being updated).
Was not happy with the various Samsung roms . Switched back to stock and lost Knox permanently .

Samsung S5 did not root at all as I didn't want to loose Knox .

Samsung note 5 and S9+ are good phones . No need for rooting at all .

I need phones as a daily driver and for banking etc . Stability and security is more important .

Cheers Ankush !
Stay healthy .


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Yes. I have a Poco F1 but extreme allergy towards anything MIUI. Very happy running LineageOS on it now.

I had bought a Nokia 6.1, sold it when I realised I cannot unlock the bootloader.


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No root any more. I don't find any reason to root my Galaxy S10, which is pretty good at all aspect.


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I would really like to root it but rooting my S10 would result in warranty loss as well as some features stop working (like Samsung Pay). Essentially, it makes it difficult to re-sell the phone when I want to upgrade in future.

red dragon

Nope, last time I rooted was OnePlus 5T. There was no reason for rooting, as I came back on all stock before it got stolen/ lost in Mumbai airport in 2019.
Don't even know if this shitty galaxy A50 can be rooted or not.
I'm done with rooting and expensive phones.


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Well there are 2 major things:
Root and Custom roms!

Most people will be happy with custom roms as they offer tons of customization options and functionality which stock rom misses on + zero bloatware/crap. It also incl. options and featurs from multipl;e tweaking apps which saves you installing those 10 extra apps hogging resources as the inbuilt features stabilizes battery life and offers you a butter smooth exp!

Was on Havoc rom since past 6 months but now testing Derpfest and Evolution roms since 2 days. Loving them so just fiddling and comparing until I sit on one of them for next few months...

Now comes the rooting part. Rooting offers you free insight deep dive in your system with zero restrictions!

There's Magisk and then there was good old Su & the Xposed modules..well who can forget them.. These modules offer out of the box features which no other apps on playstore offers but also which requires system/root permissions to operate.

Rooting isnt for kid or noobs so before rooting its very essential to get some basic lessons learnt the right way else if you brick your phone you should be able to bring it back to lif eon your own or shell out unnecessary expense at the service center or worse, throw your phone in bin!

Lastly, bad things tend to happen but whenever there is bad, there's also good (believe in the mods/devs/hackers etc.):sunglasses:

If anyone requires any help regarding flashing custom roms or rooting, pm me...
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No. Bored now, rooted almost every android device used since last few years..
But now stopped..


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Rooting - Not anymore.

Custom ROMs - Yes. I was using Pixel Experience on the F1 and it was excellent. Had to move back to stock temporarily as I was facing some weird issues, which got sorted. Will move back to PE later.


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I don't root unless I need to. For e.g. I accidentaly deleted a video which was special to me. I couldn't retrieve it from the trash for some reason. So, I tried tried a few recovery softwares and most of them need root to work. So I rooted my Redmi A2 Lite and installed MobiSaver recovery app. And within minutes got back the entire video!
Note that without root, MobiSaver could not recover the video.
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Rooting phone is waste of time. I have a Moto G7 which I unlocked so after that it wont update. which is good. but at the same time it nags a lot which is shitty design.


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I used to when I got my first Android phone Samsung Spica which was running cupcake (1.5) in 2009. It had a grand total internal memory of 180 MB and god knows what the RAM was. I had to be very choosy with the apps that I could install as even a 2 MB app size used to be too much. I used to often run out of space. That is when I had to root and remove some system apps to make way for more space.

Another reason was to load Google Maps in the later years as it was not released for India yet. Same was the case with Waze. The real bummer with rooting was when mobile banking started becoming indispensable. The mobile banking apps stopped working on rooted devices as they put in a security check such that they work only of unrooted devices.

As the hardware specs became superior the need for rooting devices as lost its charm.


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Interesting thread...

Stopped rooting after Galaxy S6, and Tab S2. I owned them at the same time.

Got bored, and didn't find the need. Also, for Sammy phones, Started using Samsung Pay which is awesome.

Rooted all my earlier devices. Note 1, 3, 5, S6, Note 8.0, Note 10.1, ipad 1st Gen, ipad 3rd Gen, Nexus 7, Nexus 5, LG V10, Moto G3, MiMax2, Nexus 9, Iphone 6plus, and a few lenovo tabs are some of the devices I remember rooting/ jailbreaking.

My current devices are Note9, Tab S3, Tab S4, Tab S6. All unrooted, but debloated.


Most people who own flagships prolly don't. Something budget and doesn't receive updates, I see people rooting and custom ROMming it. I still am trying to squeeze out as much as I can from my Xiaomi Mi4. Used to own a Nexus 5 which sadly broke.


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And I first study which phone roots the best with best roms availability and then proceed to buy or suggest others...


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Rooting used to be logical back when Android was still in its infancy and each version had something significantly better to offer over the previous one, people wanted to make the most of their money and prolong their phone's usability as much as they could until the performance took a serious hit.
However in the last few years innovation seems to have hit a plateau and most of the features that one finds useful are already present on most if not all smartphones. There were versions of android where it felt like they just moved the icons around and called it a day.

Smartphone manufacturers know this very well and therefore have been gradually pushing planned obsolescence in the form of removing replaceable batteries, headphone jack, microSD slot etc under the guise of innovation because people don't need to change their phones as often as they had to.
Since all phones already include most of the useful features manufacturers these days have to rely on gimmicks like bazillion MP cameras, unreasonable amount of RAM that the phone will never utilize, putting 10 different cameras, 5G etc

Most people wont root and install custom ROMs immediately since it voids warranty for most manufacturers and if the product has a non replaceable battery and you want to flash a custom ROM at the end of its life, you'll have to suffer poor battery life.
At that point it's better to just buy a newer phone because it will do all the same without the added hassle while offering all the benefits of a software update.
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Root.. No.
Custom rom.. anyday.
I want to keep things simple as possible. Unnecessary bloatware hogging resources for no reason is a primary reason to turn to custom rom. Any rom which provides stock experience is good for me.
I started rooting with Redmi 1s, then things got complicated and finally lost interest. As you rightly pointed out, it's one of the things when you get older by the day.

If manufacturers give users the freedom to install bloatware of their choice instead of shoving down our throats, it would find more appeal.