Does anyone use Craigslist any more?


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I have bought and sold a lot of stuff (Car/electronics/furniture...) on Craigslist in the past. I never had problems getting offers.

However, my recent sale posts didn't get any response and I have started to wonder if anyone is checking craigslist any more.

Could it have anything to do with Craigslist stopping personal ads? If not craigslist, which site do you guys use to sell household stuff.


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are you talking about india or USA? If india, mostly people use olx/quikr

talking about USA, people switched over to facebook marketplace/letgo/offerup/ebay


I'm surprised to even hear you getting deals on that platform. You must be the first person I know who has even used it.
Since the last 10 years I've always seen ads about OLX and Quickr for the used market department in India. They're the ones well known to common people. The more people know about a site, the more they use it. Dont think Craigslist ever advertised itself to that level here.
I only got to know about it from Hollywood movies a few years ago. I visited the Indian site and it looked barren and the UI was kinda crappy too. Like a website from mid 2000s

Most people use OLX now. I think Quickr has their own home delivery service in some cities which might be useful right now and also safe in terms of dealing. So check that too


I'd like to add to the people suggesting OLX. I use OLX all the time while selling used products. I've also bought some stuff from there. Great place to look into before hopping into buy new. I would advice to be cautious about the scammers though.


for India OLX is the best option to sell or buy any product u are looking for, provided you do a thorough checks and it is a person to person deal..