Doubt about You broadband


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Anyone aware whether you broadband account instated at one place can be used at another (no concurrent usage at multiple places)?

I want to get new you broadband connection for my brother at my place. Now his plan is expiring on 20th in different city (of same you broadband). So was thinking whether new account i shall get, can be used at his location for few days, untill he travels here.

I already have bsnl broadband so dont need ( wont be using) same you broadband account at two locations simultaneously.

Would appreciate if someone has any know-how and shares it, in this matter.


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Well take your modem with you and use with the same network at the second place, as you said use won't be concurrent then take the modem from one place to the other.
Provided the cable has not been unplugged by the company from local hub or main hub.

If there are other switches in place which the service provider can use, then I don't know.