Audio Duplicate / Cheap IEM’s, Earphones



There are many cheap quality and duplicate earphones available in the market. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between the original and the duplicate. Almost all the well known brands are imitated. Well known shops in physical and online are known to sell these duplicates.

Few days back I had knowingly purchased some earphones from A couple of earphones were unbranded and a few of them were duplicates of well known brands. Mostly all purchased were purchased in the range of Rs.200-1000.

For the background I am not a big audio enthusiast. I tested these earphones and compared them with the mee ones (M6, M11, M9) that I own. Ofcourse the mee earphones were purchased from the mee website at a much higher price.

For test I selected around 5 songs combination of highs’s, low’s and bass. I used ipod, sandisk sansa, nokia cell phone and Samsung cell phone for the testing.

I was surprised on the output of the couple of imitated earphones. They were producing good sound. I mean definitely not comparable to the mee ones but still the audio output was a lot better than I had expected. When compared with the price difference of more than 3 times, these earphones were not at par but still in the close range.

I mean what you would expect from Rs.250-350 earphones. I paid almost 2k plus for each of the mee earphones. They simply cannot be compared on the price to performance ratio.

Not to mention the build quality though not like original but still is a lot better.

Did anyone have such experiences, are welcome to share you thoughts.


The problem with these fakes is that you have to be really lucky to get one that suits your taste. You might buy 4-5 and still not get that decent enough sound.

Another problem is that, the quality is not guaranteed to be the same for similar earphones from the very same batch. This screws up recommendations. If you find a good sounding model your friend buys another similar one, it might turn out to be crap.


Would you mind posting the links, as a friend wants a earphone in a super low budget.