FS: Others E8400 + Abit IP35-e + 2*1gb DDR2 Mushkins


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i Guys,
Selling my trusty CPU Mobo and RAM combo .. details as below:

Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, Abit IP35-e, 2 * 1gb DDR 2 Mushkin RAM Sticks
Expected Price: Rs 6,000/- for all (For individual prices pls PM)
Source and Time of Purchase: CPU + MOBO in May 2008 from Xtreme Grafix; RAM in May 2008 from Katmandude
Reason for Sale: Upgrading.Product Condition: Working solid till date, CPU never over-clocked.
Purchase Invoice Available: Yes RAM bought from Katmandude
Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | RAM carries lifetime warranty in US
Accessories Included: Original box, manual and original HSF for CPU.
Product Location: New Delhi.Preferred Courier: DTDC CouriersShipping Charges: As per Actuals
Payment Options: Online Transfer.

IMG_20131215_215053.jpg SPD.JPG RAM.JPG mobo.JPG CPU1.JPG IMG_20130323_120938.jpg IMG_20130323_121016.jpg IMG_20130323_121251.jpg IMG_20130323_120905.jpg IMG_20130323_120931.jpg IMG_20131215_215053.jpg
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^^ oops .. my bad.. selected the wrong pic while uploading .. thanks BIKe .. The RAM was purchased from KMD .. will write Xtreme Gfx for the cpu and Mobo .. so thanks for pointing that out too .. :)


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Tried sending you a PM but somehow it didn't go through. Interested in your combo and am from Delhi. Where in Delhi are you and when can I come and take a look? You can PM me your number to speed things up if you like.