ECS 9600 GT Graphic Card for Sale

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Please ignore the title, its an ECS card not EVGA
I have a ECS 9600 GT 512 mb DDR 3 graphic card, the one that comes with a cooler preinstalled [Arctic cooling Accelero S2 passive VGA cooler]

Card Purchased on 04/03/08

It is in a good condition except for the fact its tiny heat sinks have fallen off. I have the heat sinks. you can stick them back on after applying paste.
But not needed. No issues of any kind with the card.

I have box, CD and the Card.

Pics Below

Mumbai Buyers
Price: SOLD


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I'm a casual gamer, I'll not play games in ultra high setting; the mid level setting will do for me .
Just have a question : I have ATI Readon 4200 IGP on which I play most of the games in mid or high level setting(Assassin Creed-ii,civ-4,Gears of war etc, will aadding this card will do any good to me or I have to look for higher one.? Also does I need to change my PSU for this card as there is no 6 pin conector if I remember correctly.

My config is : AMD Phenom 555 BE (Unlocked), GA-MA785GMT-USB3(With ATI Readon 4200HD IGP); VIP Tornado cabinet and VIP 400R PSU.
Will post some more pics when I get time

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Snaps added, serious buyers can request me for more pics via pm, will send attachment of pics. Only who are interested plz pm :)
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