Car & Bike EECO owners...please share their experiences


Hi All,

I am planning to buy the Ecco Smiles Limited Edition model.
I am planning to get the 5 seater AC version and am planning to make it 7 seater.

I am planning to take a TD this weekend most probably.

Already own an i10, am planning to get this car mostly due to its mouth watering price and seating capacity.

Can you guys tell me about the ride quality and maintenance?
The car is going to be pretty bland but very practical, which I am ok with.



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I guess I wanted OP to correct the title... :)

A friend of mine bought an EECO for business and transporting people/goods in bulk. Around Delhi, with around a year of usage, he is happy. He does do a mix of CNG and petrol to economize, since the whole idea behind buying such a vehicle is cheap transport, cheap maintenance, and handling large bulks (people/goods) - again cheaper transport.
Ride quality should be decent, as a second or third vehicle this makes sense!!


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If you buy CNG then its practical . If only petrol average will be less . Below 10 kmpl in city . Have driven it for about 500 km . Its basically a breadbox . Very difficult to go above 100 km/hr . Its like after 80 you hit a wall . Rto will not allow fitting extra seats as its illegal . So either you buy 5 seater with ac or 7 seater without ac .


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^Only good for a cab/transport service (like delivery van etc). Awkward seating position/leg room and 0 comfort/ride quality.