Car & Bike Enlivening an old dream..Yamaha RX135 !


That is a 14yr old thread revived. BTW how are the 2 stroke engine bikes still registered by the RTO? Does any state banned the two stroke engines due to pollution?


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Bro but I hve heard rx 135 4 speed comes with 1L5....with 4TL00 as bore number....but iam buying a new rx which has the bore , cylinder, carburettor numbers same as rx 135 5 speed...only the engine number starts with 4TL like that?....can I get ur insta or watsapp to enquire more?
RX135 with 1L5 engine number is an RXG
5 speed has engine number beginning with 1L7
RX135 4-speed which came after RXG has engine numbers with 4TL. If the bike you're seeing has 4TL and still has 5 speed, its been converted to 5 speed.