Entertainment Section Posting Guidlines


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Entertainment Section Posting Guidelines

Hello Members,
As section moderator my first job would be the guidlines :p
Be respectful and polite to others

No violence- no swears, no dirty language, no degrading words- say what you want politely and respectfully.

Advice: Read again what you wrote before hitting the post key- try to think if it will really deliver your message the right way.

This an International forum.

Write in English, so all can understand.

Mind your words, there maybe others from a different culture who may find them offensive.
Make sure your posts are interesting to the majority of the community. Otherwise carry on discussions privately- the forum enables you to send private messages to other forum members, and communicate with them via different channels

No violence.

No disrespect.

No trading.
Apart from the above rules, the main rules of the forum also apply here. Incase of any dispute, the decision of the staff(moderators and administrators) of TechEnclave.com will be final and binding.

Contact Mods Via PM If You Have Any Question Regarding Locked Or Deleted Posts\Replies, Forum Guidlines, etc..
Please respect the decision of the staff.
Happy Posting
The forum categories and sub categories have been very well designed by the team ..... so plesase post in appropriate sections......thanks in advance :admin